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netapp show lun serial number

netapp show lun serial number

netapp show lun serial number -

netapp show lun serial number. 5 Revision 0322 Serial Num APM000612076 Unformatted capacity 204800.000 When I chose the format type “DEFAULT,” the LUN showed up with a capacity of 200GB DEFAULT 4. other Specify disk type (enter its number) 2 1 inquiry � show vendor, product and revision NETAPP-LUN-0.2 We have a NetApp 3240 and a vmware cluster environment. The LUN is mapped to the igroup via the LUN serial number, not the path name like an . The steps below will show you how to Create a vCenter Datacenter. Documentation comments doccomments Information Part number 210-04766 A0 . Commands to display disk and array LUN information . If thin provisioning is required, then check the box entitled Use NetApp thin . field of the xe sr-probe output with the serial number of the LUN in FilerView. Guys, Trying to map LUNs presented to a Windows host back to the source NetApp shows only serial number that needs to be converted into  To show NetApp LUN multipath information you need to use the command and pass -p . Cache Serial Number PBCDH0CRH1TCEG To solve it, we will need to identify the disks � using sg3 utils (in Centos-like to the multipathd.conf, I was unable to exceed this number when using multiple An additional nice trick is to ask the NetApp to represent the LUN Serial in hex . I am migrating data LUNs for a customer using OM from Netapp to VNX. Now how do I identify NetApp LUN IDs along with their Filer name or serial number Please use lun show -v or lun clone split status to display cloning status. lun clone . Displays the persistent serial number associated with the lun. If a serial  the scsimgr manul shows this for displaying the hardware path, device file, WWID and serial number for all devices, in scriptable output . What should I do A3 Filer disk show -n DISK OWNER POOL SERIAL STORAGE - NetApp - Unable to assign serial number to LUN you might  Hi We have NetApp array presenting iSCSI to ESXi 5.0u1 servers. I am trying to see if I can identify iSCSI devices presented to ESXi server as LUNs. This returns the LUN hex serial number that in fact matches NAA ID seen  The first step is to download the Simulator from NetApp site , you need It will show you list of options, select option 4 Clean configuration and  filer lun show offline filer sysconfig . netapp disk. This command gives you the shelf, bay, serial number of disk, disk speed and many other. LUN migrations Once LUN created, NetApp filer generates new serial string for it I DMP does not show correct LUN serial number if it has comma , Potential  Feedback doccomments Part number . Array LUN limits information is now in the Hardware Universe .. 19 . If you reinstall a license key in Data ONTAP 8.2, you must use the new license key .. For a complete list of functionality changes introduced in this release, see New and Changed features.

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